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Items added to SoftPlan 2016
These items are in addition to any items added by SoftPlan Systems as part of the 2016 program.
The items below have been added specifically for SoftPlan 2016 as supplied to Australia and New Zealand by Cadbuild.
For a more detailed list of general additions and features please refer to SoftPlan Systems Web Site.
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New Library - A & L Windows
Openings - Addition of A & L Window and Door Library

New Wall - Glass Wall
New Glass wall has top and bottom plate only
Can use frame less shower doors for display

New Site Fences
Site Fences - 4 additional fence types have been added including Barbed Wire and Brick pillar and infill


Speed Note - Library - Basix / Energy
Additional notes have been added to the Energy Note Library

Symbols - Commercial Kitchen and Shop Display
23 Shop fitting symbols, including commercial kitchen and counters


Symbols - Fisher and Paykel Symbols
34 Fisher and Paykel symbols for Australia and New Zealand


Symbols - New Traffic Sign Library   
Expansion to existing sign library with Traffic Signs mainly for pedestrians


Paint - Roof Tile Pattern    
2 New Roof Tile Paint patterns Old Tile and Square Tile


Cabinets - New Library of Custom Cabinets as well as access to hundreds of cabinets from US manufacturers   
When you create a new cabinet it can be saved into the Custom Cabinet library for future use

Keyboard Shortcut
Keyboard Shortcut - Ctrl + Z - set to Zoom Extent

Since Zoom Extent is used so often the Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut has been assigned, this is available in most modes, including 3D


Decking - Added new decking materials -   Treated Pine, Hardwood, Composite and Merbau   
Decks can now have a solid surface eg, tiles

Fence textures   
New Library - Fence Textures both profiled and plain textures are included

Glass block textures   
Glass block textures have been updated to improve image

Hume doors   
Textures assigned to Hume External doors have been reset to consistent timber finishes through the range

Soffit Textures to new soffit library   
New Soffit texture library - consists of profile and plain textures

Cabinet Textures   
Cabinet textures - added Tan Beige White and Black to library

Opening Library
New Opening Library - Niche   
Openings - added library for Niche opening style  

Title Blocks
Title Blocks - Added blank border sheets    
Addition of blank border sheets that only have outline

Opening Trim   
Openings - All openings have been updated to make use of default trim

This allows for a single setting change and trim on all openings in a drawing will update to reflect the selection

Textures - Roller Door    
Roller Door openings have a 3D profile applied this allows for any texture (color) to be applied

WorkSpace - Updated to comply with flat screen monitors


Door Libraries   
Openings - Swinging Door libraries have been sorted to place commonly used sizes at the top of list

Texture - Glass block   
Openings - updated textures for Glass Block windows

Textures - Resene Paint   
Textures - Resene paint libraries have been updated to latest colour swatches

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