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If you require a program that is easy to use, specifically written for building design, calculates materials and is setup ready to produce plans with automatic elevations, cross sections and 3Dimensional models and walk throughs, SoftPlan is for you.
Apart from the plans, additional information like diagonal slab dimensions, opening and framing schedules all assist site work on the project.

"So much more than just another cad system."
New feature - SoftPlan+ Web3d.

We've added a new feature exclusive to SoftPlan+ 2022. This feature allows you to publish 3D models directly to the web to be viewed by anyone you wish. Once published, we create a link to your web3d page which is hosted on SoftPlan’s site. Anyone you share this link with can view and explore your project without needing to download and install any additional software. SoftPlan web3d models can be viewed and navigated on PC, phone, or tablet.  Click here to see how to easy it is to publish, view and navigate web3d models. Click here to view SoftPlan+ Web3d public gallery.

Design your project with Softplan's easy to use tools. Then let SoftPlan generate the Elevations, Cross sections, 3Ds, framing plans, shadow studies and a whole lot more. Produce council and construction ready documents. All you need to do is draw the floor plans and and let SoftPlan take it from there. SoftPlan's approach is easy to follow with dedicated modes for flooring, ceiling and roof, you can inspect every element in 3D as you proceed.

As you are designing your project SoftPlan is counting the materials, estimating the cost and providing a total. SoftList, the material calculator, is more than just an estimating tool. SoftList also calculates other values directly from the drawings like floor space ratios, hard surface percentages and even lighting loads. Imported drawings from other cad systems can be traced over and materials counted, areas measured and quantities counted.

Presentations are all part of the process. You as the designer have to show off your ideas to customers, with automatic as you draw 3d images produced from any angle, allowing detailed inspection of the design.  With SoftPlan+ and reView drawings and 3D models can be sent to customers phones and tablets allowing them to move around in the design. Your customer will see exactly how the project will turn out.

  • Floor Plans
  • Automatic Elevations
  • Automatic Cross Sections
  • Automatic Interior Elevations
  • Automatic 3D Images
  • Manufactures opening libraries
  • Live drawing print sheets
  • Setup for instant resuits
  • Roof, Floor System & Ceiling Tools
  • Kitchen and Decking Tools
  • Site Plans with Terrain Modeling
  • Drawing Layout Set, Title Blocks for Printing
  • Import / Export DWG
  • Framing layouts
  • Produce walkthrough videos
  • Shadow studies
  • Multi floor capabilities
  • Neighbourhood feature
  • Layers and Building Options
  • Take Off mode
  • Optional - Customisable material list - SoftList
  • Optional - Communication package - reView
  • * SoftPlan+ additional symbols, textures and training material

* SoftPlan+ is included free until the next major release

SoftList Logo
  • Material List and Cost Estimates
  • Generated from SoftPlan Drawings
  • Export Report to other Programs
  • Link to External Databases
  • Includes various report formats
SoftPlan reView Logo
  • Communication Package
  • Send / Receive Drawings to Clients
  • Produce PDF files
  • Send 3D models to phones and tablets

SoftPlan+ Logo
  • Cloud Drawing Sharing
  • Additional Textures & 3D Symbols
  • Panoramic Views on Phones & Tablets
  • Training Material
  • Exports various file formats
SoftPlan is a CAD based architectural design software programs specifically written for the building industry. 
What is SoftPlan
SoftPlan, a CAD program with a difference. SoftPlan has specific drawing tools that provide fast drafting of residential and light commercial floor plans. Use SoftPlan's easy to use drawing tools to create floor plans and then let the power of SoftPlan automatically generate elevations, cross sections, material lists, 3D images and much more.

Product Overview
Features in Detail
Who uses SoftPlan
  • Building designers               
  • Draftsmen
  • Architects     
  • Builders      
  • Developers         
  • Truss & frame plants     
  • Timber & building supply companies
  • Anybody that wants to design buildings easily  
SoftPlan is supplied with FREE support and NO ongoing fees.
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See SoftPlan
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