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All these projects were completed in remodel.
For projects and extensions including but not limited to:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Decks and Pergolas
  • Carports and Shade Sails
  • Office / Shop Layouts
  • Landscaping and Site Plans
  • Sheds
  • Stair Design
  • BBQ Roofs

Suitable for anybody wanting to design single floor projects

with the easy to use drawing tools of SoftPlan with less financial outlay. Price of Remodel

Whether you want to generate instant sections and elevations, or benefit from automatic framing, opening, and electrical
schedules, SoftPlan allows you to create construction documents with absolute accuracy in a fraction of the time you could do so by hand.

What is SoftPlan Remodel?

SoftPlan Remodel is very similar to the full SoftPlan with very few limitations.The major features of SoftPlan are available allowing you to design as your customer demands. Add any SoftPlan object to the floor plan, like walls, decks, stairs etc and they will be displayed in 3D, elevations and sections.

SoftPlan 3D

SoftPlan 3D is generated at the same time as the floor plan is drawn, images and 3D models are easy to navigate and share with clients. View sample 3D image styles.

Construction Documents

When you design a floor plan, SoftPlan is modeling what you draw and automatically creating elevations, sections, framing diagrams and the materials list.
With other CAD programs you draw lines to represent a wall. With SoftPlan you draw a wall because you’re building a wall. SoftPlan drawings are drawn with familiar objects: roofs, windows, floor joists and everything else you need.


As you draw, SoftPlan’s automation enhances productivity and ensures that nothing is left out of the plan. Everything from wall panel diagrams to 3D top-down views are generated with a click of the mouse.


While automation saves time, SoftPlan provides extensive customisation tools to make any detailed modification you require. Whether it’s adding realistic manufacturer symbols, creating a specialized wall type, or crafting brand new cabinet styles, SoftPlan provides the ability to achieve any design.


SoftPlan’s integration capabilities allow all drawings to be imported and exported via AutoCAD’s DWG format. We’ve created a “round trip” function that allows a SoftPlan drawing to be sent out for modification, e.g., to an engineer, and then imported back. The information added by the engineer can be imported separately from the original SoftPlan drawings.

What is SoftList?

SoftList is a material estimator that allows you to automatically generate materials lists using information stored in your SoftPlan floor plans. SoftList materials lists automatically generate complete with material descriptions and quantities directly from the floor plan.

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