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SoftPlan Subscription FAQs

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

The SoftPlan program will stop working.  If you wish to restart the subscription a restart fee will apply.

What do I need to do to cancel my subscription?

Two things:

1, Give sales a call to let them know that you wish to cancel.
2, Return the SoftPlan key.

Payments will continue until the key is received by our office.

Can I apply the subscription payments that I have made towards an outright purchase of SoftPlan?

No - the SoftPlan subscription payments can NOT be credited towards a SoftPlan purchase.

Does the SoftPlan Subscription require a key?

Yes - a USB key will be sent with the initial order.

Does the SoftPlan Subscription include SoftList, reView and Training?

Yes - the SoftPlan Subscription includes SoftList, reView, SoftTalk and online access to all recorded training materials?

I am already a SoftPlan user, can the SoftPlan subscription be used as a way to obtain an additional station?

Yes - a SoftPlan subscription is a great way to get an additional station.

What happens when a new version is released?

Subscription users are always up to date with the latest current version.

Can a SoftPlan subscription run older versions of SoftPlan?  

No - while a SoftPlan subscription can open projects created in older versions only the current version will run.

Can I stop or pause my subscription then re-start it?

Yes - but when you restart the subscription a restart fee will apply.

Do I need to be an existing SoftPlan users to subscribe?

No - the subscription program is for those that are not currently SoftPlan users.

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