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"One on One" On-Line Training

Although SoftPlan is supplied with comprehensive  printed user guides there may be times when personal training is  required, this is usually due to time commitments or items that are  outside the scope of the user guides.
Cadbuild  can provide personal on-line training in the comfort of your home or  office, with the added advantage of no traveling or  associated  expenses.
This is one on one, we can even  use your drawings to guide you through your questions. All training is  performed using your current version from SoftPlan 2012 onwards.
Using  simple to use software you view our trainers screen, live. So as you  ask questions you can see exactly how the task is handled. For an  explanation of how it operates see On-Line Demonstration.

Training sessions can be arranged between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Monday to Friday.
Charges are $90 per hour or $50 per half hour or part there of.

Simply call (02) 4657 1874 or e-mail and arrange for a SoftPlan representative to walk you through your questions.
On-line training sessions require a broadband Internet connection and a phone line.

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